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Payment solutions

Pay and get paid, made easy and secure

Banqup is the ideal solution that brings billing and payments together in one place. Discover Banqup's new and unique integrated payment solutions.

Dashboard of Payment Services Banqup

Banqup Business

Banqup Business Wallet is an IBAN account issued by Unifiedpost Payments.

Open your own IBAN checking account

Pay and get paid directly to your Banqup Business Wallet

Pay multiple invoices simultaneously with just one click

Sign your payments securely with Banqup ID

Dashboard of Banqup Business Wallet

Banqup Terminal

Banqup Terminal is the ideal solution for merchants to receive electronic payments. It is a virtual POS (Point of Sale) terminal that allows you to accept electronic payments in your store, event, restaurant, festival, sports club, ...

No specific hardware required. Download the Banqup Terminal app on an unlimited number of mobile devices

With Banqup you can create invoices or quotes and send them to your customers in less than 60 seconds.

You enter the amount to be paid into the app yourself, not your customer

Receive payments directly into your Banqup Business Wallet

Since June 30, 2022, offering an electronic payment method is required by law

No monthly subscription fees, unlimited number of payment terminals

No queue, each salesperson has his own terminal

Dashboard of the Banqup banking app

All your bank accounts in one place

Link your existing bank accounts from all Dutch banks to your Business Wallet to have a real-time overview of your account balances. You can also initiate payments from any linked IBAN account or deposit money to your Banqup Business Account

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Banqup ID

Banqup ID is a mobile app that allows you to securely identify yourself digitally.

With Banqup ID, you can securely log into Banqup or sign a payment there.

A unique combination; login, sign and authenticate all with one app

Sign all your transactions in Banqup with Banqup ID

Never forget your password again, just log in with fingerprint or facial recognition

Secure payments

Licensed payment institution

The payment services you access through Banqup are regulated and must therefore meet the strict requirements and expectations of the National Bank of Belgium regarding the provision of payment services and the protection of the payment service user. To make electronic payments secure, Unifiedpost applies the security measures that are also imposed on banks.

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Acknowledged by National Bank of Belgium

Frequently asked questions

What did other users wonder?

Can I send my bank statements to my accountant?

Yes, by linking your bank accounts to Banqup, your bank statements are automatically forwarded to your accountant in various formats such as PDF, CODA or CAMT.

Which banks can I link to Banqup?

You can link all Luxembourg banks to your Banqup account.

This requires your permission to link your bank account to Banqup.

Can I retrieve my bank statements in Banqup?

Yes, we offer you the ability to retrieve all statements from your Banqup Business Account and all external bank accounts linked to Banqup. You can download them in the format of your choice (PDF, CODA and CAMT).

Can I make bulk payments?

Yes, simply select the invoices you want to pay, click the "Pay Documents" button and authorize payment through the Banqup ID app.

Do I need a card reader to make payments?

No, you don't need a card reader. Thanks to the Banqup ID app, you can make your payments very easily without having to log in through your banking environment.


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