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Banqup for Construction

E-invoicing and construction

In construction, millions of invoices are sent every year in various ways. The preparation, sending and processing of these invoices are time consuming and costs companies a lot of money. To improve this process and make it safer, more efficiënt and cheaper the construction industry in The Netherlands created the DICO SALES005 invoicing standard.

With Banqup Bouw en Techniek it is possible to offer invoices safely and quickly according to the requirements of most construction companies. For example, the standard aspects of invoicing in the construction industry, such as shifting VAT and depositing into a G account, are possible within Banqup Bouw en Techniek.

Initiative and collaboration with https://www.e-facturerenindebouw.nl/

The advantages

Sending and receiving electronic invoices made easy

With Banqup Bouw en Techniek you can easily handle your financial administration. In addition to invoices, you can also manage other documents and administrative tasks within the Banqup platform. With Banqup you receive all your (e-)invoices directly and organized in one online environment. This will give you a clear overview of your invoices, but also of your customers, suppliers and cash flow everywhere at any time.

The advantages of Banqup Bouw en Techniek:

Uploading PDF invoices to send them in XML invoices made fast and easy

Send invoices to other companies as well as the government

Securely receive, send and save electronic invoices

Exchange data without errors

Lower costs

Collaborate more efficiently

Follow your invoices and receive confirmation that an invoice has been delivered via track and trace

Receive and pay invoices with Banqup Bouw en Techniek

Manage documents and administrative tasks in one online environment

Dashboard of forwarding documents Banqup
Connecting within the industry

The link between construction companies, subcontractors, suppliers and the government

Invite your customers and suppliers and collaborate on the same platform

Send e-invoices directly via the platform in the DICO standard version SALES005

No hassle with email and post

Receive invoices from suppliers directly in your Banqup account, in one place via one channel

Send e-invoices to the government via the Peppol network


Register for Banqup for Construction for secure, fast and efficient billing

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Two people collaborating with each other

Optimize the collaboration with your accountant and link it to your current software package

With Banqup you can optimize your financial administration. Never process a document twice; send it to your accountant, paying and archiving in one solution. Thanks to Banqup you will have real-time insights.

No more paperwork, everything is digitalized

Your accountant always has an accurate overview of your situation and can assist you with the right advice

Your accountant receives everything without you having to leave the house

Avoid stress around the VAT period

Link your current software package very easily with Banqup


An overview of construction companies that use Banqup Construction

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Valuable metrics

Trusted by more than 1000 construction companies in The Netherlands


Frequently asked questions

What did other users wonder?

What is Taxonomy?

Taxonomy is the classification and organization of building objects and elements. This may include, for example, classifying materials, components, products and systems used in construction. A good taxonomy ensures that there is a standardized way of describing building objects. This makes it easier to exchange information between different parties, such as architects, contractors and clients. This significantly reduces the risk of errors and miscommunication

What is a G-account?

A G-account is an account with which you can only pay VAT and/or payroll taxes to the tax authorities. The estimated amount of payroll taxes or VAT is paid by the contractor into the G-account. This amount can only be used to pay payroll taxes or VAT.

What is VAT shifted?

VAT shifted means that the supplier shifts the VAT to the customer. This means that the supplier does not charge VAT, this is transferred to the entrepreneur who purchases goods or services. The reverse charge mechanism may be applied, among other things, when doing business abroad, subcontracting and lending personnel in the construction sector.

Where can I find my GLN?

You can view and manage your GLNs via the GS1 GLN address code book. You can also search by GLN, company name or address and you will immediately see which data (such as company or address) is linked to which GLN. This address book can also be viewed via this link: https://gepir.gs1.org/

What is the DICO SALES005 standard?

The DICO SALES005 Standard (formerly SALES Standard) is the Dutch message standard for digital communication between chain parties in the construction and installation sector. By using Banqup, companies can exchange messages safely, efficiently and error-free between their computer systems.

Users of the DICO standard: https://ketenstandaard.nl/deelnemers/?standard_f=DICO%2CKetenstandaard

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