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Frequently asked questions

What did other users wonder?

What is Taxonomy?

Taxonomy is the classification and organization of building objects and elements. This may include, for example, classifying materials, components, products and systems used in construction. A good taxonomy ensures that there is a standardized way of describing building objects. This makes it easier to exchange information between different parties, such as architects, contractors and clients. This significantly reduces the risk of errors and miscommunication

What is a G-account?

A G-account is an account with which you can only pay VAT and/or payroll taxes to the tax authorities. The estimated amount of payroll taxes or VAT is paid by the contractor into the G-account. This amount can only be used to pay payroll taxes or VAT.

What is VAT shifted?

VAT shifted means that the supplier shifts the VAT to the customer. This means that the supplier does not charge VAT, this is transferred to the entrepreneur who purchases goods or services. The reverse charge mechanism may be applied, among other things, when doing business abroad, subcontracting and lending personnel in the construction sector.

Where can I find my GLN?

You can view and manage your GLNs via the GS1 GLN address code book. You can also search by GLN, company name or address and you will immediately see which data (such as company or address) is linked to which GLN. This address book can also be viewed via this link: https://gepir.gs1.org/

What is the DICO SALES005 standard?

The DICO SALES005 Standard (formerly SALES Standard) is the Dutch message standard for digital communication between chain parties in the construction and installation sector. By using Banqup, companies can exchange messages safely, efficiently and error-free between their computer systems.

Users of the DICO standard: https://ketenstandaard.nl/deelnemers/?standard_f=DICO%2CKetenstandaard

Is support included with every subscription?

Yes, our support team will be happy to help you.

You can contact them by clicking the "support" button at the top of the page or via the Help button in your Banqup account.

Can I send electronic invoices to my customers?

By using Banqup to create/send your invoices, you can send your customers electronic invoices directly to their Banqup account.

Can I invite my colleagues to use the Banqup Console?

Yes, you can invite all your employees to use the Banqup console. They will be able to log in through their own access and manage their customers' records.

How do I link my accounting software to Banqup?

Our sales team will be happy to help you connect Banqup to your accounting package.

To do so, please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.

Can I get help for my clients?

We offer several options for your customers (Webinars, tutorials, video training...) to simplify their transition to Banqup.

Do I need to pay to get a training for my employees?

No need to pay, your sales contact will be happy to train your employees at your office.

How do I manage my clients' accounts?

As an accountant, you get access to the Banqup Console that allows you to centralize and manage all your customers.

How is an electronic invoice processed in the accounting software?

Banqup sends the XML to the folder of your choice.  

All data is pre-processed in your accounting software (suppliers, date, etc.), all you have to do is a last check and book the invoices.

Is there a free version of Banqup?

Yes, you can always use the free version of Banqup which is limited to 50 documents per year.

Can I use Banqup without the involvement of my accountant?

Yes, you can upload your invoices directly to your accounting program via email or through Synqup.

Can I add other types of documents (contracts, Visa extracts, etc) to Banqup?

Yes, in the Doc Center you can create your own folder structure to organize your documents digitally.

Should I keep the paper version of my invoices?

No, Banqup offers you a secure digital archive of all your invoices for for up to 10 years.

You can look up your bills very easily using the various filters available.

Can I send my bank statements to my accountant?

Yes, by linking your bank accounts to Banqup, your bank statements are automatically forwarded to your accountant in various formats such as PDF, CODA or CAMT.

Which banks can I link to Banqup?

You can link all Luxembourg banks to your Banqup account.

This requires your permission to link your bank account to Banqup.

Can I retrieve my bank statements in Banqup?

Yes, we offer you the ability to retrieve all statements from your Banqup Business Account and all external bank accounts linked to Banqup. You can download them in the format of your choice (PDF, CODA and CAMT).

Can I make bulk payments?

Yes, simply select the invoices you want to pay, click the "Pay Documents" button and authorize payment through the Banqup ID app.

Do I need a card reader to make payments?

No, you don't need a card reader. Thanks to the Banqup ID app, you can make your payments very easily without having to log in through your banking environment.

What is Peppol?

It is a secure international network that allows your company to exchange electronic documents (invoices, etc.) with all users registered on the Peppol network.

For that, you need a Peppol access point such as Banqup.

Can I collect money from my customers through Banqup?

Yes, by activating the payment service, you can let your customers pay via the Paylink button on your invoices or via the Banqup terminal.

Can I make quotations?

Yes, by activating the Smart Invoice module, you can very easily create quotes and convert them into electronic invoices.

What delivery channels are available on Banqup?

You can send your invoices directly to another Banqup user via Crossnet, by e-mail, via Peppol, by mail or via our Print&Post service.

What is an electronic invoice?

An invoice is electronic if :

- The invoice is issued, sent and received in a structured electronic format


- The format allows the invoice to be processed automatically and electronically.

Sending invoices in PDF format does not meet these requirements because recipients cannot automatically process these files.

The use of electronic invoices will gradually become mandatory. Read more on our blog.

How do I send my invoices to my accountant?

After adding your invoices, the "To Accept" status appears.

After checking the data, the invoices are ready to be sent to your accountant. To do so, select them and click on the "Accept" button. Your invoices will be forwarded automatically.

What is the Crossnet network?

The Crossnet network includes all companies that use Billtobox, Banqup or another Unifiedpost service to send electronic invoices, as well as other networks or platforms such as Peppol.

Can I attach a file with multiple invoices?

Yes, you can split your files directly on Banqup using the "Import and Split" button.

Is a PDF an electronic invoice?

No, a PDF is not an electronic invoice, but thanks to our OCR, we can convert your PDF invoices into electronic invoices.

How can I receive my purchase invoices on Banqup?

There are 4 easy ways to add your invoices to Banqup:

- Download the invoices from your computer.

- Add your tickets and receipts through the mobile application.

- Receive your invoices directly in your Banqup account via the dedicated email address or via our Crossnet network.

On which device can I use Banqup?

You can use Banqup on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can find our mobile application on Google Play or in the App store.

How can my accountant register with Banqup so I can share my documents with him/her?

Simply fill out the contact form on the accountants section of our site. A member of our team will contact the accountant to help them get started with Banqup.

How do I create a Banqup account?

Very simple, just click on the "Activate your trial version" button and follow the various steps, it will only take you a few moments.

You are now ready to start using Banqup.

Do I need to have knowledge of other softwares to use Banqup?

No, we developed Banqup so that all our customers can use it easily.

So you don't have to be an IT expert. If you can turn on your computer, you can use Banqup.

Can I try Banqup for free?

Yes, you can! The package (Free) is a free bundle that allows you to test Banqup for free. This bundle is suitable for processing 50 invoices per year. Would you like to process more invoices or switch to a package with even more options? Simply switch to another package and all your stored data will automatically be transferred.

How can I create a Banqup account?

You can sign up for Banqup any time of the day. Go to the login page of the Banqup platform and click on "Not a customer yet?". You will be asked to enter your email address, after which you will receive an email with some instructions. Fill in the necessary personal/business information and after the validation, you can start using Banqup.

Do I need prior knowledge of other software programs to use Banqup?

Not at all! Banqup is a user-friendly platform that allows anyone to easily receive, send and archive invoices.