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How do I link my accounting package?

September 7, 2022
minutes of reading

Integration of Banqup with an accounting package or ERP system can be done in two ways. First, standard links are available for a large number of accounting packages. This applies, for example, to Exact, Reeleezee, Accountview, Moneybird, YUKI, Snelstart, Muis, E-Boekhouden and Minox. With these packages, a (standard) link can be realized quickly and easily, without the need for additional development work. In some cases, onboarding can even take place largely online.

In addition to these standard links, Banqup has extensive experience integrating electronic invoicing within various other accounting software solutions, such as 4PS, Baan, Basware, Didata, IDB, ISProjects, Van Meijel, NCCW. Links to ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle and MS Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) often require customization. Because Banqup has a lot of experience in the construction sector and with the standards used within the sector (e.g. the Sales-in-the-Building standard), these customized links can also be realized quickly and efficiently.

From Banqup to your accounting program

All generated UBLs are forwarded from Banqup to your accounting office. You receive all invoices per customer in a structured overview. Taking into account the desired automation, each accounting office itself can start importing the UBLs from Banqup into the accounting package, but it is also possible to receive even automated booking proposals.

Regardless of the accounting package you have, Banqup has a solution for every accountant.


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