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Peppol, eHerkenning and Banqup

April 22, 2021
minutes of reading

Banqup is connected to the Peppol network both for sending and receiving invoices.

What is Peppol?

The Peppol network is an agreement system between government and e-Invoicing service providers -such as Banqup- on the secure exchange of electronic invoices between the central government, large companies and small businesses. Because the invoice is exchanged as XML (data file), the recipient can almost always import the invoice directly into his accounting software.

By now, Peppol is an established solution; governments and organizations increasingly use it for their e-invoicing. To do business with the central government, the delivery of invoices using XML via a connection to the Peppol network is even mandatory.

Integration with Banqup

By linking the Peppol network to your Banqup account for receiving invoices, it becomes possible for you to automatically receive invoices from different suppliers, which you can also automatically book in the accounting system after acceptance. Because we also have all the data, invoices can also be paid via Banqup without having to copy the data into your bank payment environment.

From Banqup you can also easily create and send invoices by e-mail or also via the Peppol network to, for example, the government (central, provincial or municipal).

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